Meghan decided to quit royal house for her son – Reports


If you are wondering what constituted the exit of prince Harry from royal duties, a recent report has put it as the decision taken by his wife Meghan Markle. It has been claimed that she was fighting to protect her son Archie and that was what caused the pushback. 

That ultimately led to what is now known as Megxit, the term used by The Sun to describe the huge decision taken by Meghan and Prince Harry to relinquish the royal duties. It may be remembered that Meghan and Harry decided to step back from being the senior royals and took an option to shunt between North America and the United Kingdom for earning their “own” income. 

TMZ today reported that Meghan was not happy with the high deal of scrutiny that she and her son came to experience as the senior members of the royal family. She was concerned with the overzealous “attack on her and her son’s privacy” as what she would interpret it. 

The outgoing royal couple was asked to be cautious about the photos of Archie that they were releasing. The couple was also disturbed with the pressure from British media to publish the photos of their son. 

Meghana and harry had decided to keep the christening of Archie a private event. That received a huge backlash from the public who wanted to see more of the royal family’s private life as the taxpayers. That has been reported to have acted as the last straw and persuaded Harry and Meghan to take ultimate decision. 

The Megxit has now happened and the queen Elizabeth has supported the mov by the outgoing royal couple. 

It would be interesting to note that it was the same overzealous British press that caused the death of princes Diana several yeas ago.