Aladdin 2019 : How is Disney’s New Aladdin Different than Original

Aladdin 2019  How is Disney’s New Aladdin Different than Original
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A remake of 1992 Aladdin animated movie has finally arrived, and it’s something of an achievement. Disney’s Aladdin, highest grossing movie of 1992 was a timeless animated classic. The movie songs, cast as well as characters were unforgettable. Now Disney again comes up with Aladdin remake; however, it is not a mirror image of the original. The new Aladdin cast features Mena Massoud in the title role, Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine and Will Smith as a whole new Genie. On the other hand, Alan Menken updates his Oscar-winning soundtrack comprising a completely original song. Disney’s 2019 make many alterations to the story which was presented initially in the 1992 animated film which also includes a different ending.

Below are some differences between the original and remake of Disney’s Aladdin

1992 Aladdin was made for about 28 million dollars and made more than 504 million dollars at the box office. In that, the visual artistry, along with animated comedy, was all part of the fun. In contrast with it, the new Aladdin was produced for about 183 million dollars, and the live action performances will be critical to the movie’s success and failure. Below are some differences amid original and remake Aladdin:

  • In 1992 Aladdin American actor Scott Weinger gave his voice to the title character for dialogues. In Aladdin new version Canadian actor Mena Massoud gave his voice to the title character. However, he does not have extraordinary star power but is well known among viewers as Tarek Kassar in Amazon’s Jack Ryan.
  • Naomi Scott as Jasmine in Aladdin 2019 is popular for TV roles in Terra Nova as well as in Lewis. She also released two independent studio albums in the past and also performed her own songs in Aladdin 2019. In Aladdin 1992, Linda Larkin as Jasmine did not sing any song in it; however, she reprised her voice role for animates sequels, video games, and animated Aladdin TV series.
  • In 1992 Aladdin the late Robin Williams gave his voice and made his name as an iconic comic actor. He performed the Oscar-nominated song ‘Friend Like Me.’ In new Aladdin Smith brings out an equivalent amount of star power to live action adaption; also his hip hop style offers fresh musical spin to the character along with songs. He started in iconic series ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and also earned two Best Actor Oscar nominations in past years.
  • Jafar in 1992 Aladdin was voiced by American actor Jonathan Freeman and also in Broadway productions. In comparison to it in Aladdin 2019, Jafar is performed by Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari who also appeared in latest movies like ‘Murder on the Orient Express ‘as well as in Netflix’s The Angel.
  • In 1992 Aladdin, behind Abu’s (the monkey) voice in was actor Frank Welker, and he reprises his voice in Aladdin 2019 too along with characters Rajah (Jasmine’s tiger) and the Tiger God. On the other hand earlier comedian, Gilbert Gottfried voiced lago the parrot, and in Aladdin 2019 the voice was replaced by Alan Tudyk.
  • In Aladdin 1992 Jasmine’s father was voiced by late Douglas Seale. Now it was replaced by Navid Negahban. Earlier the captain of the Guards was voiced by Jim Cummings. Now in 2019 Aladdin, it was replaced by Numan Acar. There are some new characters also added in 2019 Aladdin, they are:
  • Nasim Pedrad, who portrays Jasmine’s handmaiden
  • Billy Magnussen, who co-stars as a potential suitor for Jasmine


In original Aladdin the movie ends with Aladdin swindling Jafar to turn into a genie, Aladdin freeing Genie along with the laws in Agrabah changed Aladdin and Jasmine could be married. In comparison to earlier one in Aladdin 2019, jasmine willingly agrees to be Jafar’s wife to save her father along with handmaid but was not ready to become his servant. In the new version, Aladdin is still able to trick Jafar and asking for more power, and Genie utilizes the grey area of this wish to tie him to lamp forever. Genie, on the other hand, also proposes Aladdin to use his final wish to change the Agrabah marriage law; however, Ali chose to set him free.

Thus, welcome to the whole new world along with new cast for Aladdin 2019, while these new characters are trying a lot to facsimile the original and are also breathing innovative life into the updated version. There are few instances where these characters have been jerked a little but mostly fall with animals in the film. You will see some changes in the new version like Abu isn’t as human anymore and lago is not talkative, and also Raja is not super expressive.  Except these, all everybody has similar character essence as they did in 1992 Aladdin including carpet.