Google Announces Android 11 Go Edition with new features


Of late Google has been focussing on the Go edition of software options for the devices that do not have the high-end specifications. Files Go, Google Go and a host of those options should be a good indication. After launching the preview of Android 11 earlier this week, the tech giant has come up with new Android 11 Go edition.

Features on Android 11 Go Edition

Android 11 Go is the toned down version of Google’s latest operating system. This is a specially designed version to work with the devices that have lower amount of RAM. It may be remembered that Google had launched a similar Android 10 Go edition and the new Android 11 Go edition is based on the features that were introduced on Android 10 Go.

There are several advantages and improvements introduced on Android 11 Go edition –

Performance Improvements – Google has claimed that the Android 11 Go edition is 20 percent faster than Android 10 Go edition

Improved Privacy and security – It will have the similar privacy and security features as on the full fledged Android 11 edition. You can get access to the one time permission and full reset of permissions that have been added on Android 11

Gesture based navigation – We had not found the gesture based navigation receiving a native support for the gesture based navigation. Android 11 Go edition finally brings the gesture based navigation support on Android Go versions.

Conversation options in the Notification shade – This is a feature that Android 11 Go edition picks from the Android 11. You can now have access to all your chats and conversations on a dedicated space on the notification shade.


Android Go edition of version 11 will be made available for the devices that run on 2 GB RAM. The devices will have access to at least 270 MB of memory that can help you run three to four apps in the background.

However, does this make any sense? Especially at a time when we are finding devices that run on 4, 6 or even 8 GB of RAM? The answer would be an emphatic yes. There are plenty of devices that have been launching with 2 GB of RAM.

There are more than 350 different devices that have registered themselves in the Google Play Console’s Device Catalog with 2 GB of RAM capacity. That would mean there are a huge number of devices that are being launched with the 2 GB RAM. So, the launch of Android 11 Go edition should definitely make a huge sense.

It may be noticed that the Android Go editions were first launched in 2018 for providing the high end usability for the entry level devices that do not have enough of resource compatibility. The compatibility has been found to be effective on more than 100 million devices globally.