LG unveils its first QNED Mini LED TV — and it looks stunning


In a run up to the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021, LG has unveiled the most awaited Mini LED TV line-up. Referred to as the LG QNED TV, the line-up has been known as the mini LED TVs because they use ultra small LEDs as the backlight option. And believe us – these TVs are indeed awesome.


What to expect from the QNED Mini LED TV form LG?

Beginning January 11, 2021 during the CES event, LG has plans to launch its 86 inch 8K QNED TV. The brand has been planning to launch as many as 10 new TVs in the 4K and 8K models.

The new TV range is equipped with new panel structure that has an improved performance with the help of mini LED backlighting. LG claims that this will add up more better contrast and deeper blacks. The new TV is equipped with over 30000 bulbs in delivering the 1,000,000: 1 contrast. In addition to the best possible rich contrast between dark and light, it helps you create the high end HDR imagery and a wider color gamut.

LG is using quantum dot and NanoCell technology on the products, and this is the first time that the technology has been used on a TV set. As per the statement from LG, the TVs are designed with the refresh rate of 120 Hz. This will help you show a smoother and natural motion.

The technology involves the use of smaller and brighter LEDs that measure just around 100 to 200 micrometers, and thee will be a huge number of these LEDs that will backlight the LED panels on the TV. These LEDs are energy efficient and can be helpful in designing slimmer displays and make them use less power.

Nam Hoon-yun, senior vice president of research at LG’s home entertainment division, states, “These TVs have the experience that sets them apart from other LCD TVs, and that speaks to our commitment to innovation and advancing the standard,”.

There is no specific plan unveiled as for the pricing of the upcoming models from LG. It is not yet clear whether the pricing will be in tune with the other comparable models from different brands. It may be remembered that LG may not be the only brand that will come with the mini LED based TVs in 2021. There have been indications that even other brands have been considering launching TVs based on the Mini LED technology. TCL has also been involved implementing the mini LED technology in the US market. In fact, it even tested the market with its 8 series.