The 10 Most Beautiful Trees in the World


Nature provides us with a wide range of ecosystem services, and without a second thought, trees are one of the most essential parts of it. Being the largest plants on Earth, trees give us Oxygen, absorb pollutants, have medicinal benefits, boost wildlife, provide minerals and what not. The list of beautiful trees is endless. However, the best thing I would say is, they protect the future. Since 1980s, every citizen of China is legally mandated to plant three trees every year. It is one of the best initiatives to keep the green cover on Earth. A place is just a place until and unless it has beautiful surroundings, and apart from the trees, no other thing can play that role better to make a place beautiful.

While you are thinking to plant tree saplings, let’s take a quick glance at our top 10 most beautiful trees in the world.

List of Most Beautiful Trees in The World

1. Maple Tree

Maple Tree

Maple trees are of Genus Acer Family and exhibit many variants. Out of those, Japanese maple are one of the most beautiful trees in the world. Most maples grow to a height of 10-45m. They are original native of East Asia. During fall, this tree is known for its brilliant tricolored foliage. Maple is treated as a common symbol of strength and endurance. It has been chosen as the national flag of Canada, and hence, Canadian flag incorporates a stylized maple leaf.

2. Southern Live Oak Tree

Southern Live Oak

Live Oak can be found on the coastal plains of the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast of United States. Usually, Southern live oak trees hug the coastline and is rarely found more than 300 ft. above the sea level. Live oak wood is very hard and heavy, and their trunks were used during the days of wooden ships. The usual lifespan of Oak tree is around 200 years. The Angel Oak in South Carolina (USA), estimated to be 400-500 years old, stands 20m tall and produces shade that covers 17,200 square feet.

3. Jacaranda Tree

beautiful trees Jacaranda

Jacaranda is a beautiful tree to see. It is found in warm parts of the world and is a native of Brazil. Its species have been widely planted and quite common in Asia, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and several other countries. It has also been introduced to most tropical and sub-tropical regions. Jacaranda trees have beautiful mauve bell-shaped flowers. Mature plants can survive in colder climates down to -7 degrees. In China, its blue flowers are used to prepare dyes.

4. Banyan Tree

Beautiful Trees Banyan

Banyan is a majestic tree and is known for its canopy cover. It is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of Indian subcontinent. They represent the largest trees in the world by canopy coverage. The largest Banyan tree is in Howrah (India) which stands 82 ft. tall and the canopy cover is around 1377 ft. with over 2000 aerial roots. It has a huge medicinal value as well. The Banyan Tree was adopted as national tree of India in 1950. Because of all these attributes, this tree is in our list of the most beautiful trees in the world.

5. Redwood Tree

Redwood Tree

The redwood tree holds the record of the world’s tallest tree soaring up to 350 ft. These trees are on Earth from last 60 million years. They have an average lifespan of 600 years. Redwood grows in moist climate of Northern California (USA). As per scientists, a fully grown redwood can hold more than 30,000 pounds of water. They are evergreen conifers and can grow up to 22 ft. in diameter.

6. Rhododendron Tree

Beautiful Rhododendron Tree
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More than 300 tropical species of this tree are widely distributed from North America to Europe, Russia and Asia, and from Greenland to Australia. Rhododendrons have the ability to self-propagate as well. These are extensively used as ornamental plants because of their size, structure and flowers. Many of these species are even grown commercially for trade. Larger Rhododendrons can eventually grow up to 10-15m or even taller. In Himachal Pradesh (India), Rhododendron flowers have even been used to prepare fruit and flower wines.

7. Wisteria Tree

Amazing Wisteria Tree
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The largest Wisteria can be found in Japan which is one acre in size. One of the oldest Wisteria can be found in Japan which is close to 150 years old. This would surely qualify for one of the most amazing tress in the world. It is very fast growing and can grow in poor quality soils as well. Wisteria is native to Japan, China and Korea, and has also been introduced to Eastern United States. It can grow as high as 20m and spread out 10m laterally.

8. Cherry Blossom Tree

Cherry Blossom Tree
Image Src: Flickr

Cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. This is one of the most beautiful trees in the world. Cherry trees grow quickly, however, they don’t last very long. A new cherry tree can fully grow in 20-30 years. These are weather dependent and lasts for about a month every spring. Cherry blossom trees look delicate and you yourself can grow, provided you have a location with full sunlight well-drained soil. Depending on the varieties, the size of these trees can vary from 20m tall to 35m tall.

9. Dragon Blood Tree

Dragon Blood Tree
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This should definitely be another candidate for one of most amazing trees in the world. Dragon blood tree has a unique appearance and looks like a shape of an uprightly held umbrella. The name originated because of its dark red raisin which is also known as dragon’s blood. This tree’s unusual shape helps in surviving in arid conditions with low amount of soil. Though the dragon blood tree is highly widespread, human activities have greatly reduced the regeneration due to overgrazing.

10. Cannonball Tree

Cannonball Tree

It is native to Central and South America. Cannonball tree is also cultivated at various other tropical areas across the world. The tree has fragrant flowers and strongly scented particularly during night time and early morning. Cannonball tree can reach the height up to 35m. It has several medicinal uses like treating hyper tensions, tumors and wounds, and even has religious significance in places like India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. Cannonball trees are very attractive to bees, even though the flowers lack nectar.