Australia Fires: A Visual Guide To The Bushfires and Extreme Heat


The Australian Jungles that are currently burning in flames are crying for help. Forest fires are undoubtedly the worst thing that could ever happen to a forest. It doesn’t only cause all the trees to diminish from the forest but also put the lives of innocent animals at risk. The fires have burned more than 3 million hectares which is nearly 7.4m acres in the worst affected state, which is New South Wales.

The fires have burned about 800 houses and a total of 24 people have lost their lives to the flames. Reportedly two of them were firemen who were volunteering to fight the tragedy. Apparently, a burning tree fell on their vehicle and they died because of it.

Reports say that Billions of animals have been killed due to forest fires in Australia. The smoke from the burning space can be even seen from space. The fire season of the Australian forest is far from being over now, and the forest fire that the country is experiencing right now is creating history. The current forest fire in Australia is one of the most intense fires in the country’s history.

As per the professor of phylogeography and fire science and the director of the Fire Center Research Hub at the University of Tasmania, David Bowman, every fact related to the current forest fires in Australia, whether they are the numbers, the intensity, the geographical scale, the scale, and all sorts of environment that are burning is extraordinary. 

People are getting missing, the homes of people are getting destroyed. The government of Australia is also sending help through military sending ships and aircraft. They are making supplies available to the people whose area is ravaged by the fires. People are also getting evacuated from their homes to get someplace safer.