Liberal lawyer becomes Slovakia’s first female president


On Saturday, Zuzana Caputova, the liberal lawyer, bagged the presidential election held at Slovakia. This was possible as she rode over the public fury wave against current government’s corruption. This has led to the initiation of a trend that has led to the Populists and Anti-European Union Politicians making gain through the continent.

Before the run for vote, Caputova’s main election theme was change in current political scenario and corruption in the area. This electoral campaign started a year post death of Jan Kuciak, the journalist who was investigation cases related to high-profile fraud and was murdered along with his fiancé at home.

Caputova, the political novice who is pro-EU will be European Zone’s first lady president with 58.3 percent vote in her favour with 98.1 percent districts counted. Maros Sefcovic, her opponent, acquired 41.7 percent vote.

Sefcovic, another respected diplomat, with pro-EU ideologies is backed up by Smer, the ruling party. It is also the largest parliament grouping which dominated the Slovakian politics since the year 2006. Caputova, who remained as front runner post winning first round with 20+ points ahead of Sefcovic. She campaigned till the end to capture the younger and educated voters with her campaign message.