EU Likely to Push iPhones to Use USB Type C Ports


The Lightning connector on your iPhone is something you have always found repressive enough. If you are in the EU, you will soon be able to find yourself free from the tyranny of the lightning Port. 

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Yes, EU is thinking off pushing Apple into using USB Type C port for charging their devices. The European Parliament has decided to force the phone manufacturers to use a universal charging port on all the new phones. Given the fact that Android prefers using the Type C port, it may soon become the universal charging port. 

Apple is the only manufacturer as of now thaat does not use a USB Type C port. The EU Parliament has always forced the phone manufacturers to use the common port for charging. Apple seemingly kept ignoring the message. But, now the EU Parliament has passed a resolution that will encourage the EU commission to formulate the necessary laws. 

The European Parliament voted rather vociferously 582 to 40 and that should be one of the reasons that should help EU Commission to formulate the necessary laws. However, this will take a little more time, and we would expect Apple to come up with its own legal proceedings to still the decision from being binding on it. 

Apple already released a statement claiming that opting for one charger would stall the innovation in the sector and can also create an environmental wastage. 

“Legislation would have a direct negative impact by disrupting the hundreds of millions of active devices and accessories used by our European customers and even more Apple customers worldwide,” the statement from Apple stated. 

With the new rules set to come up by July this year, it may be interesting to see what awaits the final call.