Tinder adds a panic button for the dates that can go wrong


Tinder – the popular dating app seems to have understood the importance of safety in the dates that are brought ahead by it. It has now added a panic button on the app to take care of the dates that might have gone wrong – or even ugly. 

This is exactly what Uber recently did on its app. The in-app safety button can indeed a great option to handle a date that may have gone wrong. Along with the panic button that alerts the authorities if something goes wrong during the date, Tinder has also added a check-in feature that lets the friends and family members know where the daters are. 

The new features will be added for the US users next Tuesday. Thee will be a new section within the app, labelled Safety Center. Match, which owns Tinder, also runs other dating apps like OkCupid, Hinge and of course, Match.com. 

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The new safety features are launched in collaboration with Noonlight. The users will need to download the Noonlight app and enable the location tracking feature on it. If the date suspects anything to get panicked about, they need to launch Nonlight and press the specific Panic button. This will notify the Noonlight dispatchers. The app will then text the sender. If it is not received, it will send a code and call them. If the call goes unanswered, it will alert the emergency services. 

The feature is aimed at letting the daters seek help without causing any sort of suspicion. That is exactly the reason for offering the panic button inside the Noonlight app. 

Match is actually the first dating service to implement such safety features. In fact, dating apps have always been criticised for putting the users in unsafe conditions. These measures can perhaps help these companies – as also the ride-sharing apps like Uber to improve their perception.