Sarah Thomas – Woman First to Swim Channel 4 Times Non-Stop


Sara Thomas, a woman who was treated for breast cancer just a round a year ago, has become the first woman to swim across the English Channel four times. The American cancer survivor hails from Colorado and is anopen water marathon swimmer.

Sarah Thomas - Woman First to Swim Channel 4 Times Non-Stop
American 1st Woman Sarah Thomas Swim English Channel Four Times Without Stopping; Photo:

The woman who is just 37 began her epic journey in the early hours of Sunday and took 54 hours to complete the feat. She returned on Tuesday at 6.30 am. She claimed that she was a little sick, but was encouraged by her husband and family members.

“I was really just pretty numb, there were a lot of people to meet me and wish me well, and that was really nice of them, but I feel just mostly stunned right now; I just can’t believe that we did it,” was what she had to say about what she could achieve. The video clip would be aired through a BBC documentary quite soon.

Her major issue was that with the saltwater, and she was feeling quite sick with it. On completing the task, she dedicated her achievement to the other cancer survivors and hoped that this would work as an enthusiasm and encouragement for the cancer victims.

The swimming took a test of her limits and took her 54 hours to complete the swim of around 254 km. While she became the first person to swim across the English Channel four times without stopping. Experts swimmers claimed that this feat was extraordinary and quite superhuman in nature. In fact, even Thomas was not sure she did it – she exclaimed when she came out – “I can’t believe we did it.”

Thomas was diagnosed with the breast cancer in 2017 and went a treatment schedule spreading over a year. That is exactly what would make it yet another record and should breathe a new lease of life into the cancer survivors.