Google Pixel 4 launch Date Confirmed on October 15


Killing off all those rumours and leak and speculations, Google has finally announced the launch date for its flagship device – the Google Pixel 4. The launch date for the Google Pixel would be launched on October 15. That would be a little later than what Google chooses every year for its special Made By Google event.

Google Pixel 4 launch Date Confirmed

The Hardware Event has been chosen as the right time for the launch of Google Pixel 4. Meanwhile, Google has already revealed the phone design in an attempt to beat the leaks and rumours. The event will be held in the New York City.

We would perhaps be able to witness the launch of a different products like Pixel 4, Pixelbook 2 and a host of other gadgets. The invitations for the press events have already been dispatched by September 16. The invitation asks you to “come to see a few new things Made by Google”.

There have been no hints dropped about the exact launches scheduled at the event. However, given the past trends, we would indeed expect the launch of multiple hardware options created specifically by Google. This would even include a new design for the Google Home Mini and maybe, a few Google Assistant Speakers as well. You can set up a reminder for the event right on the live stream of the YouTube event.

While we expect the launch of Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL as we have observed in the previous years, this time, we would also expect a Google Pixel XL 5G.

So, just mark up your calendar and make sure you are ready for the launch event. The event will kick off at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 PM ET. Make sure you clear all your schedules right away and ensure that you are on your seats right in time!