What is a Moisture analyser and How does it work


The moisture content in a product would be a deciding factor for the quality. In many cases, the perfect measurement of moisture content in a product is of much importance.  In fact, in a few cases, the statutory regulations would make mandatory to measure and document the moisture content.

What is a Moisture analyser and how does it work

That is where you would need to have access to a Moisture analyzer. What it is, and how does it work?

What is a Moisture Analyser?

As the name itself should be indicative, a moisture analyzer is an instrument that would help you measure the moisture. Most of the analyzers are capable of measuring the moisture in an effective manner. In fact, the modern age moisture analyzers like sartorius balances-scales specialize as the perfect options for the industrial level applications.

The slightest difference in the moisture can be dangerous in a few industries. A good example can be the drug industry where a minor change in the moisture content can prove to be a risky affair. This can be applicable to food, wood, and textile based industries.

How do Moisture Analysers work?

The moisture analyzer works by extracting the moisture from the product under question and measures the moisture. It makes use of the technique referred to as a thermogravimetric method. It involves weighing the product before analyzing it, drying up the moisture and then measuring the weight after drying. It makes use of only a little amount of the product for measurement.

Yes, we are talking about the product in quantities of around a few grams. The results are then extrapolated to arrive at the more wider analysis based on the percentage. The technique used here is referred to as LOD or Loss on Drying. This refers to the loss of weight on drying the product and removing the moisture. In fact, each of the product comes with its own personalised setting. This will make it essential that your moisture analyser comes with an option to configure individual temperature setting. Some of the analysers offer an option to plot a graph against time as well.

The moisture analysis can be one of the best options both for consumers and manufacturers. The high moisture content will translate into an increased weight without any value addition. The major advantage associated with the moisture analysers is that it is quite simple and easy to use the functionality, and it does not need an extra level of technical knowledge either.

In an industry where the moisture is one of the serious concerns, a moisture analyser can indeed come quite handy enough. In fact, these types of industries would need an advanced performance levels. In such scenarios, a halogen moisture analyser may be a better alternative as tend to be effective, responsive and highly efficient options.