ETIAS, A New Visa-Waiver System Introduced By The European Union


Other than the total of 44 European Nations, there are 62 countries in the world that are allowed to enter the continent of Europe without having to acquire their visas. These 62 non-EU nations will soon be facing a new travel regime set by the European Union. The European Union is famous for providing the visitors traveling Europe with a comfortable and pleasing journey and to maintain that reputation, the European Union is launching the latest travel regulation to give them a hassle-free, effective, money-friendly system.

The European Union has introduced a new visa waiver system called ETIAS. ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System. With the launch of this new system, the 62 countries in the world that enjoyed the benefits of having visa-free travel through Europe will now have a new visa waiver system that they will have to act in accordance with. This visa program is designed as a travel authorization service.

European nations

All those people who never had to go through visa formality to travel the countries in Europe will not have to opt for ETIAS as per the European Union. To apply for your EU ETIAS you will have to go online on the official site. There you will get to fill up a form that will contain all your basic information.

In the form, you will be asked to fill your first name, last name, middle name (optional), your date of birth as well as the place you were born in, your country, your gender and nationality. You will have to fill out all the necessary details within a given time frame. Children under the age of 18 that falls under the category of minors will also have to apply for ETIAS.

Even though the new authorization system was introduced in the year 2018 but it will come into action from 2021. The ETIAS will only be applied if you are visiting any of the European nations primarily for any of these four purposes, namely travel, business, medical or transit. If your purpose of visiting is different than this like you if you want to enter Europe for job or education purpose then ETIAS will be invalid.

The main purpose of the launching of ETIAS is the smooth functioning of the airport as well as to ensure the safety of its borders. It will help the authorities to keep a check on criminal or terrorist activities as well as with the introduction of ETIAS will also be helpful in dealing with the migration issues. Make sure you apply for ETIAS prior to your visit to Europe.

These services by the European Services will provide the travel options without a visa for 90 days. After getting approved, the ETIAS will be valid for three years of span counting from the date when it was issued to you. But, it comes with a condition, if your passport expires before your ETIAS validity then the ETIAS will automatically be expired.