Southern California hit by 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake


Late Friday, a new powerful earthquake shook Southern California, and it was one day after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked the area on 4th July. It was about 8:19 pm local time when a preliminary 7.1 magnitude quake hit Searles Valley yesterday as per the authorities.

Southern California hit by 7.1 magnitude earthquake

This is considered as the second major temblor in less than two days and which added ore jitters to an already nervous region.

This earthquake was centered nearby Ridgecrest which was the location of the 4th July 6.4 magnitude quake and was the largest in nearly past 20 years. As per the scientists, the fault causing the quakes appears to be growing much more.

Yesterday’s night quake caused several fires as well as many other damages in and around the location Ridgecrest and Trona which are two major Desert Towns shaken by both the earthquakes.

These quakes were felt till Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno and Baja California as per crowdsourced data logged into the US Geological Survey website. As per Southern California Edison, following both earthquakes, nearly about 3000 residents in locations, as well as surrounding areas, are without power.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, there was no significant damage reported in Los Angeles to all buildings as well as infrastructures.

However, in Ridgecrest and Trona, residents replied to their phones and were in fear. One of the residents Winter Wilson, who was driving home to Trona from Bakersfield, said in a shaken voice that ‘they are saying the ground split.’

On the other hand, Trona resident Ivan Amerson supposed that he had heard reports from neighbors there was major damage to the town along with houses knocked off their foundations.

As per Caltech seismologist Lucy Jones, It is said that the 7.1 magnitude quake on Friday night was ten times larger than the last one on 4th July. Jones said that ‘this happened at the end of the zone that moved earlier. The fault is likely to be 25 to 30 miles long. The fault is also growing as she supposed.

Jones added that ‘the largest aftershock to a 7.1 would be a magnitude 6 and it means that if another earthquake in terms of Thursday’s 6.4 temblor would not be much surprising to anybody. ‘It could also be even bigger.

USGS seismologist Robert Graves supposed that there is a 5 percent chance that an even more massive quake could follow this. Also, Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted on Friday night, that ‘I responded to one larger earthquake in Southern California, I have activated the @Cal_OES state operation center and the state is organizing mutual aid to local primary responders. ‘

David Witt, Kern County Fire Chief alleged that his department has responded to many structural fires; however, there have been no reported fatalities. He added that there had been many ambulance calls too. 

As per the evaluation of Isabella Lake Dam, it is all OK, but they will; carry out the investigation tomorrow. His department has also requested support from L.A city along with country fire departments and Orange County Fire Department.

The time when the first temblor which hit on Thursday scientist warned that it could lead to an even more massive quake.

 Since Thursday Ridgecrest has been rattled by over 17 magnitudes four quakes and about 1200 aftershocks. As per Jones ‘it is an earthquake sequence, and it will be ongoing.

It is clearly a much more energetic sequence, and so there is no reason to consider that we cannot have more large earthquakes. ‘