New Technology in Dentistry Is About To Begin


In this modern era, everything is possible, and the good news is that our teeth can now be fixed by using a 3D printing technique. In simple words, we can say that we can now scan our teeth and can create their backup by 3D printing them. However, this new technique is relatively new; however, it is actually gaining momentum, and also its popularity is growing speedily.

New Technology in Dentistry

Losing your tooth is very much distressful, and we often wish that we could have them back by any method. With this new technology, you can be able to get a whole new tooth back, and the credit goes to the stem cells found in the teeth.

What actually is 3D printing technique in Dentistry?

It’s actually exciting to know that now your individual teeth can be 3D printed as the time when a patient’s natural tooth or teeth have to be extracted, dentist wills can its shape as well as the size and print the exact copy for materials such as titanium and zirconia.

In this way, you will get a completely customized option to traditional dental implants. Also, with this new 3D printing technique in dentistry, oral surgeons can easily design and also can rebuild lifelike models of jawbones along with other structures which can be used as surgical guides.

technique in Dentistry

In the dentistry department, this new 3D printing technique already worth 780 million dollars and it could become a 3.1 billion dollars industry by 2020 as per predictions. It is also expected to offer more than 60 percent of all dental production requirements by 2025 and will grow even more in specific areas like dental modeling.

3D printing capabilities

The introduction of a new technique of 3D printing in the field of dentistry helps the patients receive better health care.

Let us tell you in what way dentists can use this new 3D printing technology.

  • Dentists can quickly repair or can replace the damaged tooth by scanning the patient’s mouth with a small digital wand. In this way, it will create a 3D image of the teeth as well as gums and which will be saved.
  • A dentist can create an orthodontic model via this 3D technique.
  • Dentists can produce bridges, crowns, caps as well as dentures with this new technique. It will be useful to 3D print all kinds of dental implants.
  • Dentists can also construct surgical tools and can even 3D print the drill guides required to complete specific dental procedures.

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After the introduction of 3D printing here you will no longer have to wait for denture in terms of restoration of your teeth. Also, dentists are able to reconstruct your teeth to the best possible look for you.

This all will be done by scanning your mouth by using an intraoral scanner. After those dentists can easily make reconstructions were, it is necessary on the scan. The time you are satisfied and pleased with the output, the machine will start making printouts.