Billy Carson – A Basketball Coach known for Philanthropic activities


People get successful by virtue of their hard work. However, how many of them believe in paying back to the society for what the society has helped them achieve? Perhaps only a few that we can count on our fingertips.

Billy Carson

Coach Billy Carson is one of those rare personalities. A founder of SheCanPlay National Scouting Services, he has helped hundreds of athletes get scholarships worth more than $12,000,000.

He has been the founder of Coach Billy Carson Inc, 4biddenknowledge Inc First Class Space Agency. In addition, he also has been the front runner in a host of organizations and foundations – most of them non-profit. A well-renowned Basketball coach, he has been blessed with over 17 years of experience in USAB, AAU, USSSA, and NCAA approved basketball.

He has been involved in a lot of philanthropic activities, one of the prime achievements include founding Weston YMCA, Florida. Apart from sporting activities, he has also been involved in various activities like helping out single mothers pay their electricity bills.

Partnering with the organization “Helping Kids in Broward”, he has also been helping out children get school supplies if the parents cannot afford to procure them for the kids. He has donated over 2000 school backpacks containing school supplies. He has also gifted holiday gifts to over 2000 families through the same organization.

Coach Billy Carson has been providing NCAA scouting and marketing services. While the professional coaches charge a minimum of $2,500 per household, Carson has never charged any fee. On the contrary, he has provided the scholarships to the needy.

The coach has also developed two mobile applications that have helped hundreds of students and sports enthusiasts. One of the apps lets people have access to his personal site – You can have access to several valuable pieces of advice and information across multiple genres of life. Another app labeled Wave of Action is all about legal help for the victims.

He has been an exceptional performer as a basketball coach and has been able to enthuse interest in hundreds of basketball aspirants throughout the USA. He helped the Tequesta Trace Middle School in Weston reach their first ever finals. Yet another achievement has been able to achieve the best standards in basketball was through his coaching for Nova High School girl’s basketball team.

He coached the team between 2008 and 2011 and helped them achieve the great achievements.  Apart from the sporting activities that he is involved in, he is also interested in writing. A well-known author of the bestseller The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets, he has also been involved with a huge number of documentaries and TV shows. CEO of First Class Space Agency based in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, he has been taking active initiatives in the research and development of alternative propulsion systems and zero point energy devices.

The good news is he will now be continuing the best work towards coaching the basketball enthusiasts. His license has been renewed, and he will be developing a host of new programs for the youth development. If you want to know about him, you can visit his blog and find the enormous knowledge he wants to share with you. Get in touch with him through his Twitter profile.

A notable personality with an avid interest in sports, philanthropy, space science and several other areas of human interest, he has been a role model for today’s youth or perhaps a personification that our youth have towards every aspect of one’s life.