AliPay Launches Beauty filter for the Face Recognition Payment


Face recognition has become one of the most commonly used options for making purchases these days. AliPay, China’s popular payment service uses the face recognition option in its service interface. However, have you ever found you find it strange enough to find your disheveled face on the face recognition interface? AliPay has an answer to your issue.

AliPay Launches Beauty filter for the Face Recognition Payment

AliPay’s Face Recognition Payment System

Surveys conducted recently have indicated that the millennials find that the face recognition systems used by the payment systems make them look quite ugly. AliPay seems to have listened to the issues and has now launched an option to add beauty filters to its facial recognition system.

The move is said to be a result of an attempt to make the female users of the payment system opt for the facial recognition method to make payments. The beauty filter algorithm will automatically be applied when you make use of the facial recognition system to make a payment through AliPay.

The feature is being launched in a phased manner since July 3, and we assume most of the users would have received the new update as of now. You can use the new facial recognition functionality even with your Alipay recharge as well.

Incidentally, the image used for making payments or performing other tasks will not be based on the ones that apply beauty filters. The transactions will be handled with the unaltered facial data, while the image with the beauty filters would only be for the users.

Alipay traces its launch to 2004 when it was developed as a means for making payments to the Chinese E-Commerce giant, Alibaba. Later on, it became a separate entity. The largest Chinese mobile payment operator has posted information about the new enhanced version on its Weibo account. It claimed that most of the female users on the platform do not use the Smile to Pay feature because they think the face recognition system makes them look ugly.

Chinese technology firms have been quicker in recognizing the importance of face recognition and Alipay has been the number one player with over One Billion users. It should be interesting to notice that the facial recognition interface for making payments was introduced by the company in 2017. Deployed in over 300 cities across China, Alipay recognizes the impact that the face recognition technology will have in the days to come. That is exactly why it is planning to extend the functionality across the country.