Gemma Collins Happy & Pleased as Jason Gardiner leaves ‘Dancing on Ice’


The ‘Gemma Collins and Jason Gardiner feud’ might have been a long gone story but is indeed an evergreen one. They never meant to break the ice together on ‘Dancing on Ice,’ the show, or let’s say broke a lot of it. Until today that Gemma Collins toasted with her tall glass of champagne, ‘the potential exit of her longtime foe Jason Gardiner.’

Gemma Collins Dancing on Ice
Photo: Getty Images

She looked way happier than ever!

While appearing on Good Morning Britain to promote her new Diva Forever show, Gemma Collins was asked her views on Jason Gardiner’s exit.

The self-blazoned Diva that she is, she told Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway, toasting and celebrating, “Hallelujah! Let’s be fair; he only works twice a year on TV. I think he does Dancing On Ice and panto. It couldn’t have been better.”

 “This is such a piece of great news. My show is launching tonight, and Jason Gardiner is not coming back.”

“Will we miss him this year,? They asked.

“Hell no!”

Looking at Gemma Collins, it’s quite evident that there’s no love or hate lost. They clashed before on the television, several times, earlier this year in the last series of the show over Gemma’s skating skills and she accused him of being a bully because he compared her to a refrigerator.

It seems it is not the first time, ITV producers may ax Jason. He was an original on the panel from 2006 to 2011 but was ditched for the 2012 series.

After the confrontations between Gemma and Jason last year, producers also started to make quite inquiries about replacements.

During an appearance on This Morning, The Aussie star Jason, who was accused by Gemma for ‘selling stories on her’ decided to speak up as well.

Jason said, “Look, I don’t hold a grudge. I do not know the woman at all. You know she falsely accused me of something before. So be it!”

He further exclaimed, “Life moves on, I have moved on, and there are more important things in life to be worried about.”

What brings concern and panic here is that Jason is completely unaware of the entire process being taken place.

And that makes it all an awkward situation!

The fire however, is on and running between the two stars! And no ice seems to breaking anywhere.