Fewer Brits choosing EU countries for summer holidays

Fewer Brits choosing EU countries for summer holidays
Photo: pixabay.com

Thomas Cook, a travel firm revealed that Fewer Brits choosing Europe countries for their summer holidays. As per figures, more UK holidaymakers are selecting to go to countries outside of the EU.

As per the statement by Travel Company, about 50 percent of its summer bookings are for countries outside the EU in 2019 and also blamed political turmoil from Brexit. The leading cause for this as per the tour operator is the weakness of the pound aligned with the euro is the most likely reason for the trend.

Travel Company also says that Spain is at the top of the list of the most popular destination for holidays. As per their reports which match with separate figures from the Post office and that reveals that foreign currency sales for long distance destinations have increased. For example, the Japanese yen increased by about 12 percent in comparison to last year. Also, Indonesia rupee also increased up to 9 percent. These figures are based on the transaction of the Post Office done amid 1st January and 23rd April. As per the statistics, the highest growth in foreign currency sales till date in 2019 has been for Egyptian pound.

As per the company’s booking details, Turkey has considered as the biggest growth in demand, leapfrogging Greece to be at the second among the list of all Thomas Cook Airlines flight booking this summer. The destination offers many sandy beaches, ancient ruins as well as salt lakes. Another destination which is non-European and doing very well with package trip booking doubled every year in Tunisia.

The travel company supposed that the prolonged uncertainty around Brexit is the reason that holidaymakers delay their decision regarding where and when to book. On the other hand, the survey of 3422 customers came with the fact that planning an overseas summer holiday is as important as ever. However, nearly all say that there is more possibility to holiday abroad in 2019 in comparison to 2018. The travel company, Thomas Cook, has made two warnings earlier also within the last six months regarding the falls in holiday reserves.

Chief of tour operating for Thomas Cook, Will Waggott, alleged that ‘Britain might be living through exclusive times from a political viewpoint; thus our desire to holiday abroad is very much apparent.’

Peter Fankhauser, Thomas Cook CEO, said that it is very much early to reveal the effect on bookings of the UK’s exit from the EU being postponed to the end of October.’ He added that ‘there is a little doubt regarding the prolonged uncertainty regarding the timing and manner of Britain’s exit from the EU. It has led numerous customers to postpone their holiday plan outs.’