How to prepare for climbing Kilimanjaro


Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most unique extravagant points of interest if you are an adventurist. However, if you have not climbed a mountain before, it can definitely be an exciting option. Of course, Kilimanjaro is not the highest mountain, but you would find it a difficult option and has a high low rate of success.

prepare for climbing Kilimanjaro

How can you best prepare for climbing up Kilimanjaro?

Well, you need to go through a proper training. The best option to prepare is to improve the levels of your fitness. The climb may not be technically anything huge but is one of the difficult ones. You should ensure that you are careful enough with the physically demanding climbing requirements. Make sure you wear the right kind of boots. This will ensure that you would not get any blisters. Mental preparation is yet another great feature you would want to focus on.

How can you save money?

The climb Kilimanjaro cost or cost of climbing the Kilimanjaro can be quite heavy if you do not care about a few important parameters. Check for your requirements and the products well before you reach the place or opt for an online option. Joining a bigger group than planning an excursion individually can be a great option. Instead of buying clothes and equipment, it may be a good idea to borrow them from your friends. The cost can be quite heavy even with the bare necessities.

Go with the right season to climb Kilimanjaro

The climate at Kilimanjaro can be quite difficult in certain seasons. The best season to climb the mountain ranges would be to opt for any time between January /February and between July and October. Even between those months, you would find the climate changing considerably. July and August months would be quite colder and have a low to moderate chances of rain. September and October may pose you a moderate temperature and can be the best time to visit.

Check out the Travel Insurance

Make sure you have a proper and extensive travel insurance. Make sure your travel insurance is comprehensive in nature and covers everything that you may come across as part of your mountaineering journey. Also, ensure that the insurance does cover the hiking and trekking at this particular height.

Prevent the Altitude sickness

Make sure you have opted for an appropriate degree of prevention of altitude sickness. Arriving well in time and spending a while before beginning the climbing exercise can be a good option. This will help you get acclimatised. Never ever hasten yourself to climb. Go slower. Remember that it isn’t a race. Not to forget, your mental strength would be the best you can bring up for a better experience.

Those were a few pointers that you would find interesting enough for an exciting experience when it comes to climbing Kilimanjaro mountain. If you are planning a trip, we assume the tips and preparations here should be helpful for in arriving at the best possible experience of climbing the Kilimanjaro!