Apple removed its habit-breaking apps from the App Store: Here is the defence

Apple removed its habit-breaking apps from the App Store
Photo: TechRadar

With the rising dependency over the smartphones, the ill-effects over the users cannot be undermined. The addiction to these devices has risen to the extent that it has become a reason for the mental wellbeing of its users.

To consider this as a serious issue, the tech Giant Google has initiated a step in this direction on the lines of other developers which are developing various apps to restrict the usage of gadgets. A recent report from the New York Times reported about the combating of such services by Apple in its App Store.

Around 11 of the 17 apps have been restricted or removed by Apple over the past year, which is parental-control and most downloaded screen-time apps. In spite of the several paying customers, Some of these apps were shut by the Apple in their store while the rest have a jeopardy future.

The executives of such affected apps also raise their concern and believed that as these apps had the potential to hurt Apple’s business, they have been targeted. They also mentioned about Apple’s tools explaining that these tools do not provide many options and are not aggressive towards the screen limiting time.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s Vice President of Marketing replied to the MacRumors concern about some of the apps that were included in the format are not fundamentally secure for the users.

MDM(Mobile Device Management) used in these apps tracks every action of iPhone users. This technology was initially developed with the intent to benefit the companies which are seeking their own software installation on its employee’s devices to monitor their usage.

The developers of such apps will have unlimited access to manage your child’s device, track their app use, web surfing, network access, camera use, control of their mail account and know their location. They can also erase the devices remotely, as mentioned by Schiller.

Apple contacted the concerned app developers after discovering the misuse of MDM technology to ask them to stop using such technology. What action has been initiated against such apps has not been disclosed yet.

It is worth notable that Apple assures absolute user security by executing such decisions.