WhatsApp’s New Features You Can Use Right Now


WhatsApp never stops surprising its users. One after the other it presents you updates that offer you newer functionalities and features. Let us check out the new unique options that have been made available for all users with the recent updates. Let us check out a few options that WhatsApp offers you access to.

WhatsApp’s New Features

Fingerprint Unlock

WhatsApp has introduced the new Fingerprint Unlock feature for all the Android users. You should find the option through the Privacy settings on your device. Enabling the feature will let you unlock WhatsApp using your fingerprint. The feature is currently available for the Beta users and will be made available for the stable users soon enough. If you are on iOS, you can use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock your WhatsApp app.

Frequently Forwarded

Forwarded messages have become a huge annoyance on WhatsApp. It is an alert that lets the users know that a particular message has been forwarded more than five times so far. The new feature has been one of the several measures that WhatsApp has undertaken to address the concern of spreading fake news. Of late, fake news has become one of the difficult issues to handle for WhatsApp users.

Group Invitation

This was a new feature that users have always wanted on the platform. So far, anyone could have added you to a new group – even without your permission. This can be an excellent option that helps you get rid of those pesky WhatsApp groups. You will now be able to decide whether any of your contacts can add you to a group. You can even add an option to Nobody if you do not want to be a member of any group. You will receive an option to join the group, and if you are undecided, the alert will go away on 72 hours.

Consecutive Voice messages

If you are someone who sends frequent voice messages, this can be an excellent option you would find. You had so far needed to listen to each of the voice messages individually. With this update, you will find that the voice messages sent at one time will play automatically – one after the other. You no longer need to go back to the message window one after the other.

Those were just a few of the newly launched features on WhatsApp. It should be noted that WhatsApp has been one of the most popular services in the sphere of instant messengers. A few of the above features have now been launched in Beta and once that are tested, they will be released for the Android and iOS devices. These new updates have been focussed on improving the privacy and taking proper care of spam messages. If you are one of those who love your privacy, make sure that you update your WhatsApp installation right away.