Are you taking those vitamin supplements in the right way


The multivitamin tablets and supplements have become the style these days. Or some sort of a fad. There are pills available for practically everything these days – right from memory boosters to help you in joint pains to improving your heart functions. But are you taking them the way they are intended to?

taking those vitamin supplements

There are a few myths that you should address before popping those pills without thinking over.

Myth 1 – Multivitamins cover every need

Multivitamins offer you a good amount of a small number of vitamins and other nutritional elements. However, it would be advisable to eat your proper meals instead of popping those pills frequently. However, if you cannot avoid the pills for reasons beyond your control, opt for the good options like GNLD Neolife vitamins.  Instead of wasting money on vitamins that do not work, it would be a wiser decision to go with the right products.

Myth 2 – You are not getting enough nutrients from your food

This is yet another myth that forces you to consume the unneeded amount of vitamins and nutritional supplements. In fact, perfectly balanced food should provide you access to the best vitamins and nutrients. However, there can be special occasions where you would need to have special supplements. A good example can be where a pregnant woman would need Calcium and Vitamin D. If the food does not provide enough of it, you will need to pop up those vitamins.

Myth 3 –It is better to take access vitamin, your body will excrete the extra

Not really. In fact, the vitamin C needs of your body do not exceed 2000 mg per day, but we know people who pop up around 10000 mg of it every day! The popular belief is that the excess of it discarded by the body. It may not always be true. Excess use of Vitamin C can lead to the formation of crystals in the urine and ultimately to kidney stones. Same goes for the excessive use of calcium or other multivitamins and nutrients.

Myth 4 –It is fine to take all the supplements in one go!

Never ever do it! It isn’t popcorn. Of course, a few combinations may be beneficial, but it should not always hold true. For example, combinations of iron and calcium, magnesium and calcium and a few other similar combinations may not be worthwhile. Experts state that “To maximize the absorption of the vitamin or mineral, it is recommended to take the supplements as directed by your doctor or pharmacist, or as instructed on the product’s package,”.

Those were a few myths that would have helped you understand the importance of multivitamins and supplements and how to consume them. Take care and follow the advice of your medical practitioner for better performance.