Huawei plans to launch the world’s first 5G 8K TV in 2019

Huawei plans to launch the world’s first 5G 8K TV
Huawei to launch World’s first 5G-Powered 8K TV

This year in 2019 Huawei Technologies is planning to launch the world’s first 5G Television. Undoubtedly it is a very ambitious plan and which is not limited to smartphones.  With the release of this 5G TV, the company will offer a complete ecosystem of hi-tech products. The main objective of the Chinese tech giant is to challenge Apple, Samsung, and LG and to be a top five PC maker in three years.

With a lunch of this TV, this will be Huawei’s first venture into TV hardware industry, and 8K 5G connected TV will be the first of its kind worldwide. At present mostly all smart TV are wifi enabled for easy internet access but 5G capable TV will ensure that it will support the next generation of network technology.

As per the sources, this new 5G television will be equipped with a 5G module along with high-end 8K resolution display. By this customers will be able to utilize the latest generation network to download data-heavy content counting 360-degree videos in which they can easily watch in every direction along with virtual reality programs.

This is the company’s initial effort to make TV sets which is because of the desire to complete its ecosystem of consumer electronics which already contains everything from wearable devices to smartphones.

The potential benefits of 5G TV are that it would need the fiber optics or else cable boxes that traditional satellite broadcast services do and will act as a router hub for all other electronic devices in the home.  This 8K resolution is recognized as the most advanced TV screen on the market till date having 16 times more pixels in comparison to standard 1080 pixel high definition.

About Huawei

Huawei is considered as the world’s biggest telecom equipment maker. Also in its first quarter of 2019, it overtook Apple and become the second largest Smartphone maker by shipments following Samsung. It now indicated its courage to move forward in the 5G era. Adjacent to 5G base stations the company already disclosed a 5 G foldable Smartphone along with many home use 5G routers that will also be accessible later in 2019.

However, Huawei is not a newcomer in the TV business as the chip arm Hisilicon Technologies is ranked among the world’s second-largest TV provider of TV chipsets following Taiwan’s Mediatek. It supplies many local brands like Skyworth, Hisense, Changhong as well as Sharp. The company also builds its own 5G modem chips in house which are a crucial component that assist in finding out the speed of data transfers along with the quality of phone calls.

Huawei is setting a goal to position itself among top five PC maker by 2021 and has a primary target to triple shipments for 2019. This Chinese company is developing its own central processing units also for its computer product line . However it at present relies totally on Intel; for processor chips for laptops.

At present Samsung is the world’s biggest TV maker and initiated its own shipping of 8K TV without 5G capability which will be starting at 4999 dollars. In 1992 Apple introduced the Macintosh TV, but it was unsuccessful. However numerous topmost TV and camera makers are planning out to set 8K products by 2020.

A tech analyst at the Taipei-based TrendForce, C.Y. Yao, supposed that there are still several challenges to face for 5 G capable 8K TVs. He added ‘in addition to 5 G base stations you will require a small cell station in the area. There will also be the requirement of an ecosystem for 8K counting cameras, 8K TV processors, encoders and decoders  to broadcast 8K TV and which are still not mature.’