Heathrow reveals expansion master plan


Heathrow airport is requesting people to partake in consultation regarding its expansion as bosses reveal their preferred master plan.  This expansion involves a plan to open a third runway by 2026, which has been scheduled for many years. Europe’s biggest airport as sketch round its growth trail along with new measures to reduce emissions.

Heathrow reveals expansion master plan

The master plan also counts a controversial proposal to carry out in 25000 extra flights annually in advance of a third runway opening.

This consultation will be for 12 weeks and which will allow people to give their feedback in terms of Heathrow’s proposals for future layout of the airport. It will count the new runway along with other infrastructure like terminals as well as road access.

The public will also be able to discuss on plans to manage the environmental impacts of spreading out counting a proposed Heathrow Ultra Low Emissions Zone, Heathrow vehicle access Charge along with a proposed 6.5-hour ban on scheduled night flights.

Images which were released by the airport revealed that the third runway which is planned out to open in 2026 could be built over the M25, which is known as one of the country’s busiest roads. However, this new master plan will not reveal the location of the new flight paths which form a segment of a separate airspace consultation.

As per the airport statement, the consultation also reveals plans for growth in phases from runway opening in about 2026, to the end master plan in about 2050.

Heathrow’s executive director for expansion Emma Gilthorpe alleged , ‘expansion must not come at any cost, and that is why we have been working with partners at airport, local communities along with government to ensure our plan outs to show how we can expand sustainably as well as responsibly with environmental contemplation at the heart of extension.

This consultation is an option for all people to have their say on our preferred master plan. So it is very much important that as many people as possible partake.

We are looking forward to hear from you regarding this.’

The airport supposed that it will also set up plans for mitigating the effects of expansion counting property compensation, noise insulation policy as well as a community fund. Previously this year, legal challenges to Heathrow expansion were rejected by the High court.