Google will stop syncing files between Drive and photos from 10th July


The upcoming change by Google seems likely to cause headaches for several users as Google is changing how Drive and Photos share your videos and photos with each other. From 10th July the time you upload files to Drive or else Photos, they will not sync automatically to other services.

Also the time you remove a photo or else video from Drive it will not be removed from Photos and vice versa.

Google will stop syncing files between Drive and photos

With the help of import option, only you will be able to import files from Drive into Photos though there does not seen to be the same way to move files in the opposite direction. Google wrote in a blog that ‘since photos, as well as videos, will no longer sync across both products, items copied in Original Quality will count towards your storage quota together in Drive and Photos. Files that you will sync before 10th July would not take up duplicate storage space.

Regarding this update by Google, the feedback of users was that the way in which the service shares photos and videos with each other is confusing. On this, Google says that the move will simplify the experience amid Drive and Photos as it is clearly designed to draw a distinction connecting the products though the alterations might lead to a messier, time-sapping problem for those users who manage videos as well as photos across both services.

This change is sure to be problematic for many as Photos automatically syncs the Drive is a favorite feature as it permits much easier management of photos. on the contrary, Google supposed that this change is aimed at assisting and preventing accidental deletions of items across products.

Google also announced a new feature named as Upload from Drive, which will allow users to select photos as well as videos to be imported manually. The time items are uploaded the files will not be connected so you can delete one copy, or else if the file is stored in original quality, it will count aligned your quota in Google Drive.

Not to worry as Backup and Sync will carry out to work on both Windows as well as Mac, therefore in case you store photos locally and need to sync them to either Google Drive and Google Photos you can still be able to do that.

 Undoubtedly Google Photos has been a significant tool for Smartphone users to save up on storage space and to gain easy access to videos and photos on any device. Now Google will end up with this as it had received feedback from users about having confusion regarding this option. Keeping in mind the confusion of users, Google will now eliminate the option where Google photos will no longer sync with Google Drive.

Indeed this change offers ample opportunities for users to screw something up. Google clarifying continuously that nothing will be automatically deleted in July as any photo that you have been uploaded prior to this change will remain in Photos.

This significant change will for sure likely to inconvenience some people and can also spell trouble to those of you with elaborate workflows to keep photos sync across many services as well as cloud platforms.