Darren Myers – a Brit hiker, found dead in New Zealand mountain range


Darren Myers, a British hiker, who was missing for 11 days in a remote mountain range in New Zealand, has been found dead. Police who was searching out for him spotted his body at the bottom of a steep waterfall .he was missing since 1st June.

 Today early morning they spotted his body from a Defence Force helicopter, at the time when harsh weather conditions stopped for long enough to consent to low level flying to resume.

Darren Myers a Brit hiker found dead
Darren Myers a Brit hiker found dead; Photo: Facebook

According to police Darren Myers appeared to have died from a fall near a waterfall in Tararua range. Tony Matheson, Police Sergeant, supposed that ‘it happened suddenly and I don’t think he suffered at all. As when you are on such a journey, there is always a risk.

On the other side, Mr. Myers brother in law supposed that waiting for news had been the hardest time of their lives. Duncan Styles added that it came as a relief that he appeared to have died suddenly in spite of waiting in pain.

He spoke to   Radio New Zealand and said ‘ one of the hardest things we had to bear was continuously thinking that he was up there, alive and searching for helicopter and not being seen and was in pain and distress. Mr. Myers wife is too upset to speak regarding this incident.

Mr. Myers recently moved to New Zealand from the UK. He had been hiking the Tararua Northern crossing which is a very popular trek and which take about five days to take up. He also texted his wide on 30th May, and now police believe that he died later that day only.

Sergeant Tony Matheson, Police search and rescue incident controller alleged that weather conditions were very bad along with wind gusts of about 145 km per hour with very poor visibility as well as rain.

Several hikers, almost a thousand in numbers visit New Zealand every year to explore its wildlife and mountains. The Tararua rage is famous owing to its close proximity to Wellington. However, the steep terrain, along with unpredictable weather, can make hikers to face many challenges while hiking.