Google now releases a PWA for Drive on Windows 10


Google has been working on PWAs for its apps and services these days and has been looking to improve the performance of its services. Google Photos and YouTube Music were released last year and now the PWA for Google Drive on Windows 10 has been made available. 

Beginning today, Windows 10 users can install the Google Drive PWA on their computers running Windows 10 and have access to their files and folders. PWAs can be an excellent option to access the websites and they would help you make a better connectivity. In fact, the PWAs tend to be useful because the framework is already in place. The PWAs can also be useful in making use of the hardware features like Bluetooth and Camera functionalities. 

Google Drive PWA works in the same way as the other PWAs. Once you install the app, it will open itself in a new Window and let you have access to your files and documents. The app does not yet have a complete functionality. It still opens a few sections of your Drive in Chrome tabs. We would expect Google to address the issues in the future updates. 

The development of Google Drive as a PWA or Progressive Web App will now let you launch it as if you are launching a native app on Windows 10. You would no longer need to find the address bar at the top end. You will be able to install it as a PWA when you click on the plus sign at the end of the address bar when you launch Google Drive in a supported browser. Along with the Windows users, the Chromebook users will also be able to get the feature on their devices. 

Check if your browser is supported and you have access to the PWA functionality.