Practitioner offering Cosmetic procedures in England should be trained in ‘quick fixes’


Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures are one of the trending things across England. Considering this, top doctors in England emphasized that the practitioner who is offering such services should have adequate training in protecting their clients from vulnerability with ‘quick fixes’.

The practitioners should be adequately trained and officially registered to spot people with mental health issues and body-image issues as mentioned by Prof Stephen Powis Medical Director at NHS England.

The facts reveal that only 10% of the practitioners are currently registered in England. Procedures like Botox have mental health-damaging effects on the youngsters, claimed by a charity. The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners is formed and Prof Powis insisted that the professional offering services such as injections and fillers should join this council.

He appreciated that some of the practitioners are undergoing training on checking the suitability of the customers who are approaching them for anti-aging.

But the numbers are still very low.

‘Quick Fix’

The clients are also warned about vetting the firms appropriately before approaching them for any kind of cosmetic procedures such as skin peels, botulinum toxin injections, hair restoration surgery, lasers, and Botox fillers.

Anxiety and mental health epidemic are boosting with the bombarding of idealized images leading to the quick-fix procedures. Today, appearance matters the most to the youngsters. But NHS is not supposed to be left to pick up the remaining pieces, as stated by Prof Powis.

He expects all parts of the world should showcase the duty of care and any potential harm should be avoided with preventive actions.

The council has come into existence as a new professional body and practitioners will abide to undergo online training after registered to this council as:

  • The psychology of appearance
  • Identifying the symptoms and sign of mental ill health and vulnerability
  • Guiding the customers on where to seek help in case of any symptom of vulnerability.

Cosmetic procedures like Botox are readily available on the High street putting the people at risk and causing a damaging effect on the youngster’s mental health.