Celebrity Hubris reached at next level with Kim Kardashian’s budding law career

Kim Kardashian’s budding law career
Photo: Getty / Stefanie Keenan

Most off the famous people believe that they are gifted by God at everything and not just to benefit the others. Like, Prince Margaret believed that she is a gifted singer Francis Bacon mentioned that her singing was extremely awful and she should stop. He booed loudly and drunk to the eyeball at her performance. She ran off in humiliation and was absolutely astonished.

If you look at the diverse portfolio of Kim Kardashian, she is DVD presenter, reality TV star, perfumier, fashion designer and memoirist, making it a 21st-century supreme career portfolio. In her last interview with The Law Society Gazette, she mentioned about her career shift about the studying law.

Even to discuss a legal case, Kim Kardashian was summoned by the President in White House, Trump. She also issued a statement stating her non-interest for money and privilege as to convict a prisoner, any random gets an invite from White house. She posted one of her photograph on Instagram looking at the laptop to showcase her love for reading.

Once a sex tape of Kim Kardashian was leaked by someone and she reclaimed this tape as positive and mentioned that she has nothing to argue or for apologies.

Her discloser that she is taking forward the noble family tradition is truly heart-warming.