Apple Becomes The Biggest Smartphone Vendor in Two Years


Apple has finally done it. It has beaten Samsung in terms of quarterly smartphone sales. This is for the first time in two years that the smartphone maker has beaten Samsung in smartphone sales. 

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Apple sold 72.9 million iPhones in the fourth quarter which was a better sales figure than the 70 million Galaxy phones that Samsung could sell. This was indicated via a report from Counterpoint Research. However, when taken into account the sales figures for the entire year 2019, Samsung remained a topper. And a huge surprise was the second place which was garnered by Huawei. That should be a huge win for the Chinese smartphone manufacturer who could post such impressive figures despite the US -China trade war and subsequent issues that the Huawei as a Chinese company has been facing. 

Apple could surpass Samsung in the last quarter of the year, thanks to the popularity of the iPhone 11. Apple also claimed that iPhone revenues for the quarter climbed to up to $ 55.96 billion. This was a hike of 8 percent when compared to the same period in 2018. The tech giant also stated that the iPhone 11’s clever marketing strategy coupled with a reduction in the price of the other iPhone models paid off well. 

The launch and growth of 5G technology is expected to make the smartphone market to grow further. In fact, it has been slumping for the past two years. Apple is launching its first 5G device this year, while the rivals like Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei have already launched their 5G devices. With the 5G networks coming into force this year, the 5G smartphone market is expected to grow t a better extent.