Xiaomi may release two triple-screen, foldable devices soon


There were few recent leaks about the patents which were spotted by ITHome. The first look at a couple of unique devices from Xiaomi that is expected shortly is out. Even though, the patents do not reveal much information they provide us the appearance of the phones which could either be two triple-screen or possibly foldable devices.

The Chinese State Intellectual Property Office declared Xiaomi’s approval on January 10. Unfortunately, there are no specifications of these devices available and so sketches and renders of these phones are the only choices we are left with.

The first device is a triple-sided design, with the display wrapping around the front, back, and left-hand side. There is no front-facing camera visible, but a dual-camera array around back is visible.

The second device appears with both front and back displays, but as an alternative of the display wrapping around the side, the screen goes over the top. However the patent does not show off the device’s top, so it is unsure. It also comes with a rear-facing dual-camera setup with no visible selfie camera similar to that of the first device.

Even though the patents do not mention if either device is foldable or not, it is worth mentioning that this could be the case. If it is so, the first device might come up with horizontal folding while the second one could be a vertical folding design. Both of these new patents would feature exposed foldable displays similar to the Huawei Mate X.

This is all just assumptions until we officially hear more information about these devices from Xiaomi. There is also no guarantee that Xiaomi might bring these two phones to the market as these are just patents they hold.