Will my Elevator Shoes Fit on my Shoe Rack?


This is a very common question for people who are stepping into the world of height increasing shoes for the first time. When people think of elevator shoes, their minds drift to the good old times when platform shoes were popular. Granted, platform shoes had monstrously large soles that made the shoes obnoxiously big, which had an effect on certain aspects of the wearer’s life including where to fit the shoes on a normal shoe rack.

Will my Elevator Shoes Fit on my Shoe Rack (1)

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes allow people to maintain their usual shoe size with the only difference being the increase in height. This is because the shoes are designed and made to be elevator shoes from the onset instead of using add-ons such as shoe lifts and inserts, which affected the normal functions and appearance of shoes. Shoe lifts are added to a normal shoe hence the shoe does not have the necessary space to accommodate new additions. As such, the wearer’s feet sit awkwardly at the brim of the shoe.

You have the guarantee that GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men and women will fit your normal shoe rack. You will not incur any further costs of getting a special shoe rack for your height increasing shoes.

Additionally, you have the option to choose your ideal height increase when buying GuidoMaggi height increasing shoes. If you are new to this concept, we advise that you start with a subtle height boost of at most 2.4 inches to enable you to walk comfortably and adjust to the shoes. With time, if need be, you may opt for higher shoes of 4 to 6 inches, which will make a big difference on your appearance.

The width of your elevator shoes will also be the same as that on your normal shoes. As such, your raised shoes will definitely fit your shoe rack without taking up too much or disorganizing your arrangement.

GuidoMaggi cares for your feet and your overall lifestyle by ensuring our shoes fit snugly into your life in all aspects.