Sunrise at Stonehenge will now be visible WorldWide


Since many year people have to make the pilgrimage to Stonehenge to get a glimpse of the monument of sun, moon and stars. However, now on Friday, i.e. today, a virtual version of the looming sky above the circle will be available to people worldwide. 

Sunrise at Stonehenge will now be visible worldwide
Sunrise at Stonehenge; Photo:

A live feed from cameras has been set up near to the stones, which is quite enough on the summer solstice to allow people to tune in to the monument at the time they want. After dark, this live feed will be replaced by the computer-generated image of the dark sky and will give the viewer click on the link to the website.

Stonehenge Skyscape is a combined representation of the sky above the stones accurate to within a window of about five minutes. At dark, it switches from a photographic depiction to a computer-generated one which precisely shows the live location of the stars as well as visible planets. However, Pluto, Neptune as well as Uranus are not counted under it as being invisible to the naked eyes. 

With this hopefully, the feed will allow those people who cannot make a trip to experience the moment of sunrise, sunset and changing night sky. It will even make them feel very closer to the ancient people who created the stone circle. This novel Stonehenge Skyscape project will also be utilized as a procedure of worship for those who believe that the stone circle, as well as landscape, is a profoundly spiritual place.

 A senior historian at English Heritage, Susan Greaney, supposed ‘Stonehenge was constructed to align with the sun as well as to Neolithic people to skies were arguably as significant as the surrounding landscape. At the solstice, we memorize the changing daylight hours; however, the changing seasons, cycles of the moon along with movements of the sun are likely to underpinned several practical and spiritual aspects if Neolithic life.’

Sunrise at Stonehenge

He added that ‘Stonehenge’s link up with the skies is an important segment of understanding the monument nowadays and we actually excited to share the view online with people worldwide. If somebody can travel to Stonehenge, they can easily witness what is happening there from wherever they are. Also, people on the other side can also see the sunrise at Stonehenge.’

As per the space scientist and science educator Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, ‘ imagine our Neolithic ancestors by sitting around a fire observing up at heavens and telling stories inspired by the movement of the planets along with patterns of stars, and the sun and the moon. Stonehenge Skyscraper offers a fascinating insight into our ancestors’ lives, and also beyond visiting the website, it will also inspire people worldwide to go outside and look up.’

According to Aderin-Pocock, this latest project will assist people who were losing their linkup with the night sky due to pollution. He said that ‘people who are aware of Stonehenge but not able to make the trip there can see the sunrise, the sunset and stars. It could also help people who are stressed out as there is something peaceful in this sky.’