New NVIDIA shield TV with Tegra X1 and Android 9.0 Pie is in the works


This will be good news for all those who loved the potential of NVIDIA as it will now have a new SHIELD TV in the works. No doubt the SHIELD TV was an outlier in the Android world which takes p gaming consoles such as the Play station or Xbox more than the Android phones, smart watches or even tablets.

New NVIDIA shield TV
New NVIDIA shield TV

Now after four years, i.e., in 2017 system received a minor refresh and continuing the same innards along with slimmer profile and different ports. As per the reports from, XDA Developers who discovered proof of a new device in the Google Play Developer Console’s Device Catalog.

They came to known regarding this as the device has the codename ‘mdarcy’ where the past version was codenamed as ‘darcy.’ It has also been notified that the new device has been certified to run Android 9.0 Pie, which is the latest version of Android. Regarding its hardware specifications, XDA heard from developers that the new device could be running on an upgraded version of its Tegra X chipset and also it is expected to give much better power usage along with much higher maximum GPU click speed.

XDA developers specifies that a new Tegra X1 chipset is a new and latest version of NVIDIA’s chip and is a refresh of original that has been used for a few years now. However, it has been said that the most details of this new chipset are simply rumors only.

Though it’s about two years since the Shield TV was last refreshed and this new and latest updated model will without any doubt be welcome. The current Shield TV is condemned darcy and is considered as one of the best Android TV boxes which money can buy. As per few Tegra kernel developers, mdarcy is basically same as the current darcy except that it is running on top of Linux kernel 4.14 along with t210b01 SoC which is a rumored refresh of the Tegra X1.