New Nintendo switch models are already in production and coming soon


As per latest reports, two new Nintendo Switch versions are supposedly being manufactured, and Nintendo is all ready to introduce them to the world very soon. Latest news from The Wall Street Journal published last week states several latest details during E3 2019 regarding these rumoured new Switch models.

New Nintendo switch models

As per the report, Nintendo has decided to shift the manufacturing of the latest consoles to SouthAsia instead of China. This is because of concerns regarding potential United States tariffs on electronics which are made in China.

Previously President Trump also proposed an import tax rate of 25 percent would impact video game consoles along with computers and smartphones. This will have a great impact on the price, and it will definitely increase on game consoles which are from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, as companies pass on the cost to consumers.

The option for this is to soak up the cost themselves, which is but obviously not a fruitful concept for companies. Game consoles are not traditionally where the funds are made in the games business, as systems are sold at a loss or else in the margin limits with profits in place of coming from services as well as software. Those margins do not perk up over time; however, a 25 percent tariff would nonetheless be undesirable.

In terms of these new systems, it is considered to have same form factor same as an existing model however feature components with the other expected to offer a different look as well as lower specs that make it affordable.

It is not finalized as when Nintendo may declare the new Switch models but made a series of software announcements counting The Witcher 3 for Nintendo Switch and a sequel to the legend of Zelda: Bready of the Wild. Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo president, said during the recent earnings call ‘as a general rule we are always working on the new and latest hardware, and we will announce it when we are able to sell it.