New Microsoft icons begin to show up..


Microsoft had announced in December that it would be opting for the redesign of more than 100 of its product icons. A few of the icons have begun showing up from today. This has been an attempt to overhaul the product overhaul. 

The company seems to be close on heels to achieve it. The icons are being released in phases. And yes, if you have not yet received it, do not panic. The rollout has been planned in a phased manner. Some of the users have begun receiving the new icon pushes on the Windows 10 taskbar. The redesigned product icons have been in tune with the Fluent Design style that Microsoft has been focussing on. 

As of now, the new icons are being received by those users who have been running the latest Insider Build. Only a few icons have been released for now. For instance, the Windows START logo still remains the same. 

We expect Microsoft to seek feedback from the users who are on Insider Builds before rolling out the feature for all the users. 

And yes, there are a lot of confusions and questions over the new product icons. It is not clear whether the new icons will be made available for the users who are running the older versions. This includes the users who are on 19H2 or older. We may need to wait for an official confirmation from Microsoft in this context. Microsoft will perhaps check the feedback from the current users and then decide on when and how to introduce the new product icons for all users. 

Have you checked any of the new icons on Windows 10? And if yes, what would you think about the new design and the new icons? If you are using the insider builds, and have received the new product icons, do share them with us.