Google may backtrack its recent search result changes


If you are a regular Google Search results user, you would have noticed the recent changes in the Google Search results and how they focussed on the Favicon of the websites. There have been several users who have not found it impressive. 

That would perhaps explain why Google may be looking ahead to making a few further changes to the recent update. Google today came up with an announcement that it will experiment with a few elements in the recent changes in the search results. The experiments will be based on the feedback from the users. 

It may be worthwhile to remember that Google made a few changes in the search results. This was done where there was a visual overhaul in the organic search results. The use of a small branded iconography should be yet another exciting options. Called favicons, they were displayed next to the non-ad search results. 

It made it a little difficult for the users. There was not much of a difference between the paid and non-paid results. The paid results had only a single little letter to indicate the type of results. In fact, the advertisements and organic results now appear similar and that is exactly what has made it rather difficult for the users. 

Google has now claimed that it will experiment with the new settings and the new experiments will take place over the next few weeks. Google also claimed that the experiments have begun from the January and will be tested over the coming weeks. 

“Last week we updated the look of Search on desktop to mirror what’s been on mobile for months. We’ve heard your feedback about the update. We always want to make Search better, so we’re going to experiment with new placements for favicons,” was what Danny Sullivan, Google’s search liaison had to say about it through a tweet.