Google Fit Launches an iPhone With Apple Health and Apple Watch Integration


Google Fit iOS

According to a Google blog post, Google Fit app is introduced as a standalone app for iPhone users, breaking its restrictions to Wear OS or Android phones.

Last August, it has been re-designed, Google’s heart health tracking platform and free exercise already took a page from the fitness offerings by Apple.

Now the app is capable to take out the activity data from LG smartwatches and other handful third-party fitness apps like Nike Run Club, Sleep cycle and Headspace that will be able to speak with the services and devices connected with Apple Health along with Apple watch itself.

“It’s not a two-way integration. Data which populates the Google Fit app from any non-Apple source will not list within Apple Health on its own” mentioned by Macworld.

Two main activity goals are primarily focused on Google’s app – ‘Heart Points’ and ‘Move Minutes’. While former is accrued with each minute of moderate activity performed by the user like a brisk walk and would record the double if the app deems the movement of the wearer to be intense like participating in sports. The later activity is meant to detect any kind of activity automatically through the watch or phone sensors.

Once the user completes the predetermined activity and fitness goals, he will receive several congratulatory messages and reward animations. Several educational features are also inculcated in the app including personal exercise achievements and journal.

From today, Google Fit app will be available to iOS users for downloading, as announced by the Google officials.

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How does this App matter?

A substantial portion of smartwatches and smartphones is predominantly held by Google. The services with fitness and new health tracking functionalities are introduced by Google with the intention to enter their app into the ring. This functionality is expected to be a major convenience for the OS smart watches users with iPhone, who were using the Wear OS app till date.

How Google has played a crucial role in emerging app markets?

In 2014, Google fit was launched for the first time and since then several integrations and updates have been introduced to it. The release of IOS started overpowering and rumoring the app market with the news that Google is expected to shut down its Google fit website to remain focused on smartwatches and mobile services.