Google Confirms Pixel 4; Reveals full Specifications


Google decided to take this unexpected step of revealing Pixel 4 which was scheduled to happen in October this year. Several months ahead of its anticipated release, tech giant Google published the news of Pixel 4 on its own Made by Google Twitter handle. Anticipations are taking place across the globe among tech- gurus to understand why Google has done it on purpose.

This is the Google Pixel 4

There have happened a number of image leaks, rumours of the appearance of Pixel 4 and leaked specs in the past few months. However, Google kept mum to all those. Google usually holds one official announcement when it comes to reveal their smart devices. Samsung and Apple follows suit.

Reports are that although Google has revealed their latest device but there are no plans to ship it before October. The Pixel team have also tweeted after Google has published Pixel 4, saying “Wait ‘til you see what it can do.” The design language saw a few changes with these lines.  

Google’s Pixel 4 is a square camera module, which holds multiple lenses. The design is first of its type if we take Pixel smartphone into consideration. However, the design is not solely a brain- child of Google as American smartphone developers. There are similar smartphone devices by other American developers as it seems. 

The specifications of Google’s Pixel 4, as the official images reveal, consists of-

  • A minimum of two rear cameras are there in the device.
  • It is expected to have a third large camera on the phone’s back which also is supposed to work as a sensor.
  • There is a tiny dot at the lower right corner of the camera module which is expected to be a microphone.
  • There’s a rumour that the secondary lens will work excellent when the user clicks portraits or a wide-angle perspective
  • The power button with company’s logo is there.
  • The stalwart is a rear fingerprint scanner present on this device which is for the first time ever on a Pixel.

Prior the release of the last few Pixel phones we have seen thousands of leaks. Google publishes their devices following a proper and official meet. However, for the last few times, globally people saw things to happen differently. This time, it is being assumed that to put a full stop on unwanted leakages, Google formally announced the reveal. “I wish I could share more, but can just confirm this is indeed Pixel 4, for now”

A Google spokesperson said via email that “I wish I could share more, but can just confirm this is indeed Pixel 4, for now” when asked about Google’s formal announcement.

Another update refers that the Pixel 4 will include next-generation Google Assistant will in the device this fall.  The AI Google assistant will help in faster responses, voice commands, answers to questions and follow up to normal conversations.

Revealing Pixel 4 before its scheduled date and time is also being considered as a marketing and business strategy owned by Google. Many say that as it is almost impossible today to restrict all sorts of leaks of the device, Google did the revelation on purpose ‘to stay ahead of the game and control the narrative from the start.’