20 flats destroyed by a massive fire in Barking, East London


A sudden humongous fire spread In Barking East London pulled off the charm of the lively city. The engulfing fire ablaze the six stories of the flat blocks of the premium luxury apartments at Dee pass garden in Barking raised an alarm of cry. The bizarre incident was reported at 15.30 BST.

Fire in East London

In order to vanquish off the black smoky fire about 100 of firefighters and fifteen fire engineers were on duty. The entire team of the fire professionals hunted down the fire for more than two hours and eventually got off the situation at 18.00 BST. In order to keep the scene in control of various roads in London were called off duty and undertook building evacuation.  Now as per the tweet of the firefighters, after the fire alighting execution, ground floors to the sixth floor did come to rest.

The London fire brigade validated that no loss of life or injuries were counted so far. But there was a couple who actually needed care and treatment for acrid smoke inhalation. However, they were treated at the scene so no hospital treatment was required. For additional safety air ambulance were also called for the rescue treatment, however, no one did actually required it. As per the voice of the ambulance spokesperson, that he was called to the scene at De Pass around 3.32 pm.

A fully equipped ambulance with two respondents, two incident response officers, and Hazardous officers also made up to the fire spot.

A prudent resident from the blocks added that lots of issues regarding safety measure of the wood crafted balconies were put on before. However, the builder hardly pays any ear to the issue. She even said that she is a resident of the fourth floor, And she witnessed the entire fire as it started to swallow up the rest of the consecutive floors. But she immediately had a narrow escape. She went on adding that initially, the fire brigade found it difficult to settle down the fire with water.

A witness from his window saw that the billowing fire rapidly overtook the sky. He even added that the fire was unendurable. On watching the dramatic fire outburst, he filmed the entire thing and sounded apprehensive with the scariest rapidity of the fire.

 According to the investigation done, residents have frequently notified the developer of the flats Bellway homes that fire might take place one day. But neither the council or maintenance companies or the developer paid any significance to the issue of wooden balconies.

Station manager Andy Maloney added that the crews from Barking, Dagenham, East Ham, put their best effort to put off the fire.

A spokesperson from the company voiced that they are diligent about the case. And would run into investigating the reason behind the fire.

He even said they have opened a domestic office at the area with equipped staffs who would look after assisting the dwellers.

Thus dwellers are suggested to contact the Thames view community center at the Bastable road in order to take rest.

More from the scene: As per a report, the investigation is yet to be done to validate the reason for the fire breakout.