Ways to be a More Responsible Traveler in 2019

Responsible Traveler in 2019
Photo: pixabay.com

Traveling is getting more and more popular nowadays as people want to explore more and more. The matter of responsible traveler is an area which should be known by everybody who loves to explore the beauty of our planet. However, being able to travel is a gift by god as places where we go and people we get to meet enhance our lives and also build lifetime memories too. We get such experiences which offer so much, and as a traveler, you should work on it to protect them. You will come across with this travel blog that will provide many ways which can help you to be a responsible traveler out of which some are effortless ways, and some are a lot tricky. We have listed below some ways to be a more responsible traveler in 2019:

1. Learn the local language

Every responsible traveler should try out to learn the local language of the place where they are planning to go. There are some key phrases which should be known by a responsible traveler in the local language to make your trip easy and less complicated. Google translate is one of the best and easiest ways to translate any term in any language. Some terms are:

  • Goodbye
  • Hello
  • How are you?
  • Do you speak English?
  • Thank you
  • Sorry, I don’t understand

2. Respecting culture and locals

The time you visit any destination especially a foreign country you should keep in mind that you are a guest and so locals may see you differently.  To be a responsible traveler, it is very important to respect other people as well as places along with the customs. The beauty of travel lies in exploring and knowing the rich tapestry of language, religion as well as customs which are in your world. Keep in mind to treat locals in a good way and to discover how they dress and behave. In simple words always travel with respect at heart.

3. Search and take pleasure in cultural experiences

Enjoying the authentic and cultural experience of the destination, instead of spending your time in all-inclusive resort will offer you a new outlook regarding that place. You should seek out for cultural experiences of the place and should also join local tours. To grow your understanding about the destination you should plan out to visit the museum, local restaurants, and markets and should also converse with locals. In this way, you will broaden your holiday experience for sure.

4. Bargain courteously

The responsible traveler should have excellent bargaining skills when they go to a lively market while traveling, at the time of haggling over food, accommodations, and transport every traveler should keep in mind to bargain respectfully. You should try out hard but fairly and courteously and have to support the traders too positively.  Not pay the cheapest price instead pays the fairest by keeping in mind the livelihoods of traders. Also, bargaining is not the standard practice of every country so understand the destination well before planning your trip. Search out reservations.com online to read up the local etiquette to ensure everything before arriving.

5. Eat locally

A responsible traveler will understand that nothing is better than enjoying the local cuisine. Not only the food is amazing, but it will also help you to support the local economy. A responsible traveler will not only explore the beauty of the place but will also enjoy the use of local ingredients, restaurants as well as food culture. When arriving at a destination, you should eat locally run restaurants, and local foods stand. Also eating local foods, it will also help you to avoid eating at other supply chains offering frozen fries.

Tourism is recognized as the world’s largest industries which contribute to about 10 % of GDP. It is essential for a traveler to understand that responsible traveler is who have an active awareness’ regarding the effect that travel has on destinations as well as cultures worldwide.  So follow the above-listed ways to be a more responsible traveler in 2019 so that you can take responsibility for ensuring that every step of your travels whether it is transport, accommodations, and ways to interact are as sustainable as possible.