Vietnamese musical sensation Cao Son Nguyen is synonymous with hard work


Not everyone gets lucky right from the beginning. It involves a lot of hard work. If you are perseverant enough, you can definitely achieve the best results. The best example you can cite for the success is the Vietnamese pianist – Cao Son Nguyen.

piano artist

Nguyen Ngoc Cao Son or Cao Son Nguyen is a Vietnamese musician and YouTube producer. He has also been able to achieve excellent performance in achieving the best standards in YouTube Music. In fact, he is known to offer an exciting performance for his cover events in English and Vietnamese on YouTube Channel and other streaming services.

He is also a well-known piano artist and has the best of his classics on Spotify and SoundCloud. A brilliant and sensitive musician, Cao Son Nguyen, has been offering both live and streaming services. He provides excellent live performances with curated music collections. He enthralls you with the classic pieces from Beethoven, Liszt or even the new age singers and composers.


Apart from being a piano artist, he has been able to carve a niche for himself. He has been able to achieve more than 4 million views on YouTube and over 110,000 social media followers. He is indeed an outstanding inspiration for the new age pianists.

Born in Vietnam, he is genuinely a promising young talent who definitely has a promising future. In fact, he is a self-taught expert and has been able to achieve high standards in whatever he has attempted to achieve.

He has been able to earn a host of awards for his performance. He earned “The Best Similar Piano Cover” at the Kawai Piano Contest in 2016 at the age of just 17. He was the runner up at the “ChayNgay Di Video Contest”. He has also been able to achieve the “Silver Play Button” on YouTube. He was also a guest of Lang Lang’s Piano Concert in 2018.

piano artist

He is already an established musician and has been able to achieve the distinction of versatile capabilities. He plays the piano, a Spotify artist, and a freelancer on social media circles. According to Thrive Global, he earns more than $ 75000 a month in sales. He has multiple sources of income and is a freelancer while producing music in his studio.

When asked what the secret of his success is, he says he has no secret. He feels that the only prerequisites for success in business are talent and hard work. “You need to understand what you are good at and then choose the right business model for you. If you don’t recognize your talent yourself, you will fail no matter ho you try,” he says in his interview to Thrive Global.

Cao Son Nguyen and his journey should be proof enough to let you understand the essence of passion and its impact on success. If you can develop a passion for what you like doing, you can definitely achieve excellent results. Success does follow you if you are consistent and honest.