My experience of ordering from professional magnets company AOMAG:


AO Magnet also is known as AOMAG is a company that manufactures, exports and produces permanent magnets. Their magnets are used in a wide variety of products like computers, motors, cars, bikes, electric appliances, toys and more.

From AOMAG, I purchased a couple of types of magnets for different uses. I have both good things and bad things to say about my overall experience, but mostly my experience was quite pleasant taking delivery and shipping into consideration.

I first ordered a 1000 lb fishing magnet from AOMAG. I was very happy with the delivery as it came on time and it was well packed too. The magnet I bought was a super strong Neodymium magnet.

It is small in size but it does exactly what it says it should. It is very strong and has great lifting power.

I had purchased it for fishing purposes and in my opinion, it is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t be happier with this magnet for the purpose I got it.

I tried to test its strength by attaching it to various metallic surfaces, and I truly had a tough time trying to remove the magnet. It took a lot of force and effort to move the magnet, let alone lift it up.

The real strength of the magnet is such that you need to see it believe it. It may look small in size, but you shouldn’t underestimate its strength.

This magnet is good for other things too besides fishing. It can be used to lift heavy objects, to retrieve items and even for hanging things.

It cost me around 70 USD with free shipping.

The other product I bought was two N45 Block Neodymium magnets. This is where I started to second guess how good AOMAG’s products really are.
To begin with, the magnet looked smaller in size as compared to the one shown in the picture. They had given the exact dimensions in the product description, but it seems smaller that what it says it is.

That to me was a big red flag.

One of the two block magnets I bought seemed to lack the powerful magnetic strength that the other had. This really was not expected. It almost felt like not all the products are well tested before packaging them. AOMAG should really do a thorough quality check, so as to not sell two same products with distinct differences.

Even though one of the two magnets is more powerful than the other, the one the one thats supposed to be more powerful seems to be weaker in strength as opposed to what i had read online about it.

My opinion is to do extensive and thorough research on the product you want to buy from all the companies that produce magnets.

Having said that, they delivered my products on time and did not charge extra for shipping. The products were well packed and packed in a way that they were ready to be transported from place to place.