Microsoft – working on new modern Windows OS with invisible background updates


Microsoft is now working on a new modern Windows OS which behaves like Chrome OS. It dropped pretty big hints regarding the future of the Windows operating system at the ongoing Microsoft Computex 2019.  It also displayed Microsoft 365 Windows podium, Axure loT technologies that device partners can utilize to offer modern PC experiences and can also construct a new generation of linked devices as well as loT solutions.

modern Windows OS with invisible

As per Nick Parker from the firm, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of consumer and device sales told Computex that the company would be looking ahead towards a modern operating system with flawless background updates. Yet it is not specified that it is like Windows Lite, which is being used as ales resource heavy version of the OS for cheap foldable, laptops as well as tablets. It can prove to be a much broader blueprint for the future of the whole Window ecosystem.

Microsoft supposed that the latest modern PCs, along with innovative devices in the ecosystem will need an advanced operating system and hints the future of the Windows operating system. The new operating system will count enablers like seamless updates where OS updates are imperceptibly finished in the backdrop. The company also adds up that the update experience will be reliable, instant as well as deterministic without any kind of disturbances and interruptions.

The new latest and modern Windows OS will also be secure by default that means the state is separated from the operating system and computer is alienated from applications. The new Os will function with 5G and also include a range of inputs such as voice, pen, touch, and gaze and also enables cloud linked experiences that utilize the computing power of the cloud to boost user’s experiences on their devices.

In addition, Microsoft does not mention the word windows and supposed that ‘these enablers, as well as delighters, underpin our vision for Modern Windows OS. They will offer the foundational components for an evolution of the PC ecosystem .it also enable partners to provide more human-centric experiences for the future.’

It is to be seen the time when tech giant will reveal the modern Windows OS, and it even does not mention the word Windows anywhere, modern OS could already be relevant to Windows as it exists at present. It is clear by now whatever Microsoft is working on for Windows Lite and further than, it will engross seamless updates, 5G connectivity, security improvements, and cloud-powered apps along with new form factors along with OS future.

In week interestingly when AMD, Intel as well as Qualcomm have been made chief declarations, yesterday Microsoft came up with the new announcement. The company at Computex in Taipei instead of revealing about its latest products told that what it needs in a modernized OS. Interestingly the tech giant does not mention Windows anywhere which offer new speculations that it is developing a latest super secure operating system.