Microsoft Accidentally Leaked Windows 10 Start Menu


Microsoft accidentally leaked an internal-only version of the Windows 10 to testers, and it revealed an entire refurbished start menu design with striking new polished features. A purely accidental mistake happened by chance, the mistaken reveal gave out the Windows 10 build 18947, the version that is, and was only and exclusively meant for the internal Xbox development.

Microsoft Accidentally Leaked Windows 10 Start Menu
Photo: Windows Central

 It was exclusive to the Windows Insider testers using 32-bit devices, only.

Luckily, it was only released to the 32-bit systems, which are not widely used, but it indeed was a big embarrassing slip for the Microsoft’s Windows 10 testing efforts in today’s time.

So much that Microsoft’s Windows Insider chief, Dona Sarkar exclaimed and told the Verge, “This was an error, and we have since pulled the build.”

This internal build that accidentally appeared gave away the sneaks, including a striking new Start menu design that looks like a prototype that is right at the embryonic stage of its development. It looked like something that Microsoft is still testing internally, but is not entirely clear whether or not, and Windows 10 will fully drop a brand new ‘Live Tiles in the Start menu.’

The new Start menu looks quite fresh with a UI that is still a work in progress.

So, don’t be judged by the looks, but here’s precisely what you can expect from the first sneaky looks of it!

Microsoft is done with the controversial live tiles. With the very first looks of it, the new Start menu design looks quite hip with live tiles, giving it a more hybrid approach. The new build may also include a striking new GIF search tool within the emoji picker for Windows 10. Not just this, the reveal even featured the use of large monochrome icons that were seen floating in a glass-like translucency everywhere.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has pulled in a disaster this big. We all remember the accidental leak that gave away features of the Windows 10, causing devices to enter an endless loop in 2017. The company when once unintentionally revealed the internal versions of Windows 10 for PC and Mobiles. However, they quickly spotted the mistake before and helped recover with the device recovery tools.

Microsoft keeps doing it!

Nevertheless, for better or for worse, this accidental release of the concept will help the customers get an early feedback of what to expect when it finally arrives! Till then, let’s hold on to our inquisitive horses.