iPadOS Preview – The Best New Features which you should know


Apple has finally launched the iPadOS public beta and it hosts numerous new features which make it different from an iPhone running iOS 13. The release date of the iPadOS beta was yesterday i.e. 24th June and it comprises a range of features Apple shows at its WWDC 2019 keynote. there is a list of features of iPadOS which you will get in public beta 1.there are many changes done as it builds on the same foundation as iOS but expects iPadOS to grow more into its own OS over time.

iPadOS Preview
iPadOS Preview; Photo: Apple

There are many significant improvements brought up to the tablet UI including better use of screen real estate along with an introduction to new gesture controls for the better tablet experience. In other words, we can say that in this new iPad users would not just run an upsized iOS anymore. Apple also confirms that iPad Air 2 along with all iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation and iPad mini 4 will get the iPadOS updates at the time it releases current year.

Below are some features that Apple unveiled at WWDC 2019:

In iPadOS, the major change that you will see is regarding the new home screen. The grid of app icons is tighter in comparison to the previous one. It will allow you to fit more on the screen and will also reduce the amount of dead space on display. Along with tighter grid, there will be an option to show Today view with them for more useful over screen view.

  • In many ways, multitasking also gets an upgrade on new iPadOS. Here you can use the Split view to see two app windows at the same time for the same app or else two different apps. This will also use a drag and drop interface to make switching amid apps as well as windows easy. Apple has also bright the Mac’s Expose feature too in this version which will allow you to get an overview of all your open apps and it will make it easy to jump amid them.
  • New iPadOS will offer you to plug a USB drive or else SD card reader into your iPad and with this, the Files app will easily read the plugin and also permit you to easily manage data amid the iPad internal storage and external drive. It will also allow you to plug your camera into your iPad and import images directly into editing apps.
  • As per Apple, its tablet-specific operating system is much faster than iOS 12. It also says that the Face ID unlock is also faster i.e. up to 30 percent. Also, the apps will be smaller in download size and will automatically take up less storage space.
  • The new gestures are considered as one of the best and bigger features in the new iPad OS. Three finger pinch to cut, three finger splay to paste and three finger swipe to undo. In several other apps, you can also use two fingers to pinch the keyboard to shrink it to iOS mobile size.

Except above there are many more features that are not coveted above yet. one of the most important is that Apple has made the entirely of iPadOS navigable by the voice which is best for accessibility. along with this mouse, support is also an accessible option. In desktop setup, there is a new feature added called as Sidecar that will make your iPad a second monitor for your Mac.