How to Find True Love, According to a Matchmaker


Dating has gone digital these days. Of course, you do not just go and hire a matchmaker right away when you are looking for the best soulmate that you want to share your life with. However, matchmaking services can really be quite handy when you want advice or suggestions on how to find true love in your life.


The matchmakers suggest the following options for finding true love and a true soulmate.  The tips here can be quite helpful enough in finding the right soulmates.

Check where you will find the right partner

If you are not ready to move out of your routine, it may not be easy to find your partner. You should look for the right opportunity wherever possible. Just make sure you have enough courage to put yourself in the right place and the right perspective.

Practically every space is a good option to look for your soulmate. A grocery store, the dog park, on public transportation, and live events are just a few options you can give a thought to. Matchmaking services like Kelleher International advice the prospective soul searchers to take care when you are looking for a partner at work. It can be easy, but it would be a good idea to exercise caution.

Decide what you are looking for in your other self

Have clear ideas about what you are looking to in your partner. However, becoming rigid with your requirements may not be ideal enough. It may be necessary in some cases where you may need to give someone a chance even when he or she does not fit the bill in its entirety.

List out a few basic and general traits before you move on to the specific traits you would want to find in your life partner. A few good options you would need to pay attention to would be good communication, a better listening ability, open-mindedness, genuineness and caring nature, ambitious, and a considerably good sense of humor.

First impressions are not always the best

Sharply in contrast to the belief that the first impression is the best impression, it may not be a good idea to go by what you feel in your first meeting. Of course, there are a few scenarios or traits that may make you go averse in the first meeting itself.

The first meetups are always under pressure and may not give out the real YOU and your personality. It is never a good idea to judge a book by its cover.

Be Honest

Honesty always pays and matchmaking or finding the true love should not be any different either. You are checking out the options of a long lasting and lifetime relationship and honesty would definitely be the first step in that direction. Make sure that you are ready for a relationship, both mentally and emotionally. And make sure you show it off in an honest manner.

Show your positive side or the optimistic you. Never talk about your past life in the first meeting itself. Of course, you can share those tidbits during the future meetups. Try to be as much communicative and secretive about yourself as would be possible.

Be a Positive Dater

Well, dating is an art in itself. Some matchmaking services emphasis on the need for an effective dating and expect those who are looking for the right partners to indulge in some sort of date coaching. While it can be quite intuitive, there are a few ways you need to learn if you want to be good enough in expressing yourself.

The body language and staying more relaxed are the two most important aspects you would need to give a thought to if you want to be a successful dater. A defensive approach can send wrong signals.

Come out of those ROM COM scenarios

Rom Coms as seen on TV are not realistic. If you tend to come with a baggage with those beliefs, you are in for a disaster. Love does not mean blossom right away as in those TV series or romantic novels. It takes quite a lot of time and patience is the key here.

Falling in love is a gradual thing. You two should get to know each other, and it needs a lot of perseverance and needs to unfold quite slowly. Move away from those romantic ideas you have come to believe into watching or reading the romantic series. Be realistic!

Those were a few tips that matchmakers suggest if you are looking to find the true love. Check them out and help yourself get a loving partner – and prove yourself to be one.