Facebook was a vital marketing tool but these CEOs are doing well just without it


An Inc. survey of small-business owners lit up discontent with over data privacy, shooting up ad costs, and flagging returns on Facebook.

Inc’s November survey states that 32 percent of CEOs and other high-ranking executives from top rising companies said they are now getting less for their marketing bucks with Facebook than they used to, while 27 percent said they doubt Facebook’s use of their business data. 

Opus Interactive’s CEO, Shannon Hulbert but they drastically cut down the cost on Facebook marketing in 2019. In 2019, Opus completely stopped its Facebook Marketing as it had stopped driving business, says Hulbert.

Moira Vetter, the founder, and CEO, Modo Modo Agency, a decade ago said it felt like all the business needs presence on Facebook and Twitter. Recently, her creative agency has shifted completely its focus endorsing its work on LinkedIn and Instagram. “ Indeed, it’s become less and less of something I even think or talk about,” says Moira.

AHS Consulting founder Amna Shah and Bubba Grimsley of Fairhope also says that they have cut off their company’s Facebook presence.

Facebook has put it efforts in aiming and teaching small-sized businesses. The head of communications for Facebook Small Business Veronica, Twombly says, “We are trying to elevate our free and paid solutions to make the small- and medium-sized businesses know all of the tools at their disposal to help grow the customers.”   

Several of the executives that told Inc. they have stopped Facebook advertising over the last year. The B2B companies find their customers more reliably on LinkedIn or other marketing platforms.