Disney decides to remove the word FOX from the 20th Century brand name


Disney had gone for a significant rebrand. And with the exercise, it has removed the word FOX from the label 20th Century Fox. This is seen as an attempt on the part of Disney to distance itself from the previous owners of the studio – Rupert Murdoch. 

It may be remembered that 20th Century Fox has been a large icon in the history of Hollywood. During the past 85 years, it has been one of the best ones ever. However, come 2020, and the name is no more. 

While it is being seen as an attempt at distancing itself from Rupert Murdoch, there are no updates available from Disney. In fact, the brand has not come up with any specific reasons for its decision. It may be noticed that the studio, along with the media operations at a whopping $ 71 billion in March last. 

Variety claimed that Disney decided to leave the Fox name because it did not want to be associated with Rupert Murdoch’s firm and cited a source from within the company saying “I think the Fox name means Murdoch, and that is toxic.”

Fox and Murdoch are known to be highly partisan and right wing. This tendency does not go well with the Hollywood, which is more of liberal. While 20th Century Fox has been renamed 20th Century Studios, the Fox Searchlight Pictures has been renamed to Searchlight Pictures. Even the email IDs of the staff has been changed to reflect the changes. 

The 20th Century Fox was formed in 1935 after a merger. News Corporation of Murdoch bought it in the 1980s. 

While the name has been changed, the fanfare theme and the search logo has been retained.